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Valley of Fire

Located about an hour’s drive north of Las Vegas, Valley of Fire makes a nice stop on the drive up to Zion National Park. There Is a convenience store at the intersection oh I 15 and the Valley of Fire Highway where you can stock up on food and drinks on the way to the park as there is nothing available once you arrive there.

The top places to visit in the park are:

Windstone Arch. Located on the loop drive just past the entrance of the park, this small and unusual Arch within a cave is a favorite among photographers in the park.

The Fire Wave is a red and tan striped rock formation reminiscent of the Wave in North Coyote Buttes. It’s a short hike that starts across the road from the parking lot at the top of the hill near the end of White Domes Road. 

From the same parking lot is a short trail to Crazy Hill, a multi colored hill about a 10 minte hike.

The drive along White Domes Road brings you by the Rainbow Vista a spectacular jumble of multicolored rocks, best seen at sunset. 

The following site has some good images of this park:

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