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Lake Tahoe  
There are several good places to photograph at Lake Tahoe:
Emerald Bay Good view of the lake and Fannette Island.
Also at the parking lot for Emerld Bay is Lower Eagle Falls. You can photograph the falls from above with the lake in the background.
Sand Harbor  On the Northeast side of the lake this area has interesting partially submerged rocks with good views of the mountains above the lake.
Bonsai Rock  Just south of Sand Harbor is a pull off for the short but strip hike down to the lake and Bonsai Rock. It’s a large rock with a tree growing on top that is one of the iconic pictures from Lake Tahoe. 
Donnell Lake  As you cross over the Sierras on Highway 108 between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite pull off at the Donnell Lake overlook for a impressive vista worth photographing at sunset. The entire trip along this highway form here east toward Sonora Junction has great mountain scenery.
A good place for lunch in Auburn on the way up to the lake is Ikedas.
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