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Artist Point and Mt. Shukshan  About ninety minutes drive from Bellingham is one of the most scenic lakes that reflects Mt. Shuksan in the surface. Best photographed at sunset.

Chuckanut Drive  This scenic road runs south from Bellingham until it merges with Highway 5 in Burlington. 

Skagit Valley Tulip Farms  Located about an hour north of Seattle outside the town of Mt. Vernon. there are two farms to visit:

Tulip Town and Roozengaard are the two largest tulip farms in the area and are both worth a visit in early April. Avoid weekends when they get very crowded. Best photographed late in the day.

Olympic National Park  There are several locations in the park worth visiting:

How Rain Forest Good trails through the forest with moss covered trees.

Ruby, Rialto and Second Beaches  All of these beaches feature sea stacks and dramatic sunset lighting and reflections.

The Paulouse  This region is in the eastern part of Washington, south of Spokane. In the late spring and early summer the rolling hills are covered with wheat and sorghum and there are many interesting compositions you can make while driving around. 

Steptoe Butte  A drive to the top of this state park give a bird's eye view of the hills that surround it. The most popular vantage point for the scores of photographers that visit the area every year.

Palouse Falls  A couple hours west of Spokane, this waterfall drops into a winding canyon, making for one of the more dramatic waterfalls in the Pacific Northwest. Best at sunset.

Cedar Creek Grist Mill  In the far south of the state, close to the Oregon border this old mill sitting above the river is a nice composition, especially in the fall when the colors of the leaves are changing. 

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