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Shortly after graduating from college i set out to backpack around the world for a couple of years before starting graduate school. Prior to my departure, my dad handed me my first camera, a canon ae-1, and set me up for a photography lesson with a friend of his, gene daniels, a highly successful professional photographer. When i returned home, gene generously spent hours reviewing and critiquing my photos and offered to mentor me. With his coaching, and some trial and error, the quality of my work steadily improved.

It’s now thirty years later and I have replaced my original camera with a canon 5dsr. By utilizing adobe lightroom and a relatively new technique called hdr processing, i'm now able to create the types of images that were difficult to produce using traditional film cameras. My focus is on landscape photography but i occasionally venture into other areas. 

I plan on adding new photos once or twice a year or whenever i come up with images i think are interesting. If you would like to be notified when i do, just e-mail me your contact information and i'll add you to my mailing list. And feel free to pass along the contact information of anyone else you think might be interested in viewing my site.




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